Salmon and trout season in full swing

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --Grab a fishing pole, salmon and trout season is in full swing here in Michiana.

The Department of Natural Resources estimates that industry brings in about $6,000,000 locally.

Tuesday, ABC 57 news watched the fish pass through ladders on the St. Joseph River.

Everyday approximately 140 fish swim through, near The East Race. As you can imagine, maintaining those ladders takes a lot of work.

Bob Bell, from Bodine State Fish Hatchery had this to say about the work, “When the leaves start to fall, we have people who are down here daily, pulling the leaves off the racks.  It's a lot of hard work for the guys."

So far 1500 fish have passed through the ladders.

That number is expected to peak in October.


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