Salvation Army usually helps those in need, but now needs help of their own

The Benton Harbor Salvation Army has been around for more than 100 years, and they're hoping that with the community's help, they can stay around another 100 years to continue to help those in need.

When Maj. David Womack first took over leadership of the organization a little over a month ago, he was worried that their financial troubles would prevent them from helping the community.  

The Salvation Army is very important to the Benton Harbor community.  They assist families to pay rent and utility bills, provide food, and give lodging to single men who are on the streets.  But their expenses add up to more than their revenue, which means that these programs are at risk of being downsized. 

Although Maj. Womack says that although there has been no serious discussions about closing the non-profit, it might be a possibility if they do not fix their finances. 

He says this is a problem and that "without the Salvation Army, this community would be in a lot more difficult shape than it already is." 

The organization is asking the community to help them out, so they can return the favor and help the people who need it most. 

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