Same-sex divorce on same day as surprise Supreme Court ruling

Because the US Supreme Court chose not to hear any same-sex marriage cases, the door opened for same-sex marriage in Indiana. On Elkhart couple took the opportunity to file for divorce.

A lawyer in this divorce case has been helping the couple through the roller coaster ride of same-sex marriage decisions.

Julie Dominiack with Dominiack Legal Services, LLC says the couple has been separated for over a year and has been waiting for this final piece of closure.

“My client right now just wants something to say it's over,” says Dominiack.

Dominiack says before this decision was made, same-sex couples were not able to have that. She also says the legal proceedings are exactly the same as any divorce filing.

"They get to argue over who gets what and they can have the same legal protections,” says Dominiack.

So, although Monday was a happy day for same-sex couples, it was also a day of closure for others.

Dominiack says no matter what your sexual orientation may be, "Marriage is marriage. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't."
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