Say goodbye to sunsets after 8 p.m.

It's still technically summer for just under two more weeks. But by the evening, it may not look like it.

That's because our days are getting shorter.

And fast.

Wednesday, September 11th is the last sunset to occur after 8 p.m. this year in South Bend.
In fact, Wednesday, September 11th, will be the last time South Bend sees a sunset after 8 p.m. in 2019.

That means it starts to become dark outside after 7 p.m. 

South Bend won't see another sunset occurring after 8 p.m. until March 22, 2020.
To add more salt to the wound, we won't see another post-8 p.m. sunset until March 22 of next year. 

That's a whopping 193 days if you're counting. Yikes. 

So while it will feel like summer for the next week or so, you'll definitely start to notice those shorter days and hints of fall. 

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