SB 150: An eco-friendly party

South Bend's 150th birthday celebration will kick off Friday night and the people involved with planning have been at work to make the weekend a memorable one.

However, they want to make it a sustainable event too. The Office of Sustainability in South Bend is in charge of the methods in place to make this happen.

“This is kind of the first time we're piloting some low-waste strategies for a community event. Everyone has been very supportive at SB-150 and throughout the city government," said Therese Dorau, the Director of the Office of Sustainability.

To support this effort, generators will be set up downtown at the "Taste of South Bend" and they will produce electricity from bio-diesel fuel that gives off fewer pollutants and greenhouse gases.

“We are going to have recycling at this event. The recycling is being sponsored by a number of organizations that have provided the containers and are offering free recycling disposal,” Dorau added.

Additionally, food vendors support the plan to cut down on food waste by serving food and drinks in compostable or recyclable containers.

“We will have containers only in areas where there will be food served so in the “Taste of South Bend” area, in the picnic area, as well as on the Century Center island, for folks to dispose of food waste.”

People who will be going downtown for the party are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

“These will be free water bottle refilling stations, so bring your water bottles. People won't have to buy as much bottled water. They can buy one and refill it the whole time that they are there and that will cut down on plastics going into the landfill or having to be recycled.”

These refilling stations will be set up at Howard Park and the "Taste of South Bend."

SB 150 has its own app that can be downloaded on smart phones and tablets so people can view a schedule of event without having to use any paper.
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