SB 150: South Bend Selfie exhibit brings together local art scene

If you want to get in touch with the South Bend art scene, SB 150 is a great time to do it.

It's called South Bend selfie. But it's not something you take on your phone. Rather, it's a group curated look at the best artistic talent in the city, chosen by those talents.

Here how it works. The museum of art has selected 5 artists to get things started; people they feel are influential in our area.

Those 5 artists have been at work selecting 2 artists each that they feel deserve some exposure.

Each of those selected artists then select 2 artists. And now, 30 artists are featured in the exhibit.

We are talking about things like colorful paintings, mosaics, sculptures and crafts, photography, and even a barber who does some hair art.

Curator Mark Rospenda says South Bend selfie has been a great opportunity to let the artists shine.

"If there's anybody you think hasn't been represented well in the arts community who deserves a chance to get their work out there this is the show to do it and so maybe you want to give them a shot," said Rospenda.

The exhibit runs until June 14 in the Warner Gallery.

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