SBMF Celebrates 100 Years Of Business

South Bend Medical Foundation has been serving the community for the last 100 years and now it’s time to celebrate! In honor of their 100th anniversary, South Bend Medical Foundation is offering every donor who donates one unit of blood between August 27th and September 30th a chance at winning a $100 gift card.

“We figured this was a great way to let our donors help us celebrate our success as an organization in the community. Each day, we’ll pick a winner who donated that day at South Bend Medical Foundation Donor Center or a remote blood drive. The odds are spectacular, with one person winning out of less than 150 each day,” said Colleen Hahn, South Bend Medical Foundation’s Public Relations spokesperson.

There are three fixed site locations in the area including 530 North Lafayette Boulevard in South Bend, 118 West Edison in Mishawaka and inside the Elkhart General Hospital in Elkhart.

The South Bend donor location is open Monday – Friday from 8am until 5pm and on Saturday from 7:30am until 2pm.

The Mishawaka location is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am until 8pm and on Saturday from 7:30am until 2pm.

The Elkhart Donor Center is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from Noon until 8pm, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30am until 4pm and Saturday from 7:30am until 2pm.

• Donors must be feeling well and healthy the day of the donation
• Please eat and drink fluids before you come to the donor center
• Many donors who are on medications are eligible to donate, please call 574.234.1157 if you have questions about your donor eligibility
• A change in policy allows donors who have received a tattoo at a licensed entity in a regulated state to donate blood four weeks after receiving a tattoo. If the tattoo was obtained in a non-regulated state or non-licensed entity, the deferral period remains one year.

Give blood as if someone’s life depends on it… because it does.

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