SBN contractors working overtime delivering misplaced luggage

NOW: SBN contractors working overtime delivering misplaced luggage

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Airlines are still reeling from the chaos caused by the holiday blizzard. The storm hit during peak travel time, cancelling flights all over the country. Travelers, and in some cases, luggage, were left stranded.

Now, airlines have to deal with bags and bags of misplaced luggage.

Contractors who work with South Bend International Airport are working overtime to deliver lost and misplaced luggage to its owners.

“Perfect storm kind of situation with the normal peak travel season, the winter weather affecting flights, Southwest airlines having their system issues, and then re-scheduling and re-ticketing passengers,” said Joel Bonner, co-president and owner of Panther Trax Delivery.

Airport contractors, like Panther Trax, have their work cut out for them delivering misplaced luggage to its owners.

“What has happened here is that we’ve had this big storm that has stopped a lot of these operations that allow the luggage to be processed properly and created new basically log jams in the system and not only that, but it is also occurred during one of our busier times a year,” said Thomas Davis, Co-president and owner of Panther Trax Delivery.

In a typical day, Davis said they run about 10 deliveries. Wednesday, he said they made between 50 and 60 deliveries.

“We stayed on the road all Christmas Eve, all day Christmas," Davis said. "Didn’t see our families, we just delivered bags. We still haven’t caught up, we’re still so far behind.”

Now, they are recruiting drivers in South Bend to deliver bags from the airport all over Michiana, even as far as Chicago, Grand Rapids, or Fort Wayne.

"Every time we go to bed, we wake up and we’re just flooded with deliveries again. It just seems like it’s going on and on and on,” Davis said.

One new hire told ABC57 over Facebook she signed up for the opportunity because it’s good money, it’s fast and convenient, and it helps others.

Davis asked everyone to be patient because they are here to help and will get you your bags as quickly as possible.

And they are still looking for more drivers. If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Davis at (601) 813-6719.

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