School City of Mishawaka passes referendum, proposed tax increase

During a special meeting tonight the School City of Mishawaka voted unanimously to pass two referendums that voters will see on the ballet come November.

One of them, a referendum to benefit students, staff and community, including a technology plan that will cost taxpayers through 2023.

While there were some who disagreed with the plan, Superintendent Dr. A Dean Speicher says this is a necessary plan that the city will benefit from for years to come.

"We are way behind many school systems in the area in technology. So the technology will help us even the playing field,” said Speicher.

Gerard Arthus is a professor at ITT.

He spoke out strongly against the referendum.

"This is not about technology. That technology - especially given to young children actually damages them. Its not gonna work how they say its gonna work. At the end of the day the students get out of school and they go to college. This has nothing to do with students getting educated. It has to do with spending money," said Arthus.

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