School will start despite flooding, bus commutes may change

With record rain just before the first day of school in South Bend, the district says they have altered some commutes to keep kids safe.

While some roads remain closed due to Monday’s flooding, certain school bus stops have also been deemed unsafe.

Transportation Director for SBCSC Mel Falkner says the students safety is the highest priority.

“We will try to get them as close to their stop as possible but we will be redirecting to a safe area where the buses can get to the kids,” said Falkner.

While the department made calls to notify those whose stops have been changed on Tuesday, they weren’t able to get a hold of everyone.

“Before your kids go out call our center and we can give you information if there is a flooding issue for you.”

The transportation department can be reached Wednesday morning at (574) 287-7477.

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