Schoolhouse Supplies Store opens in Elkhart

NOW: Schoolhouse Supplies Store opens in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind. – Elkhart Teachers can rejoice as the Schoolhouse Supplies Store officially opened on Monday. There was a ribbon cutting to celebrate the occasion.

The supply store was conceived as a way to alleviate the amount of money that teachers spend on classroom supplies.

Kristin Baker of Elkhart Central High School says that the store will benefit teachers significantly.

“We have a teacher shortage, people are leaving education,” Baker said. “It’s a hard job, it’s super rewarding but it’s also really difficult so little things like this to bless us with materials and give us things is an incredible gift.”

There are not many programs that are similar to the Schoolhouse Supplies Store, as it allows counselors, administrators, teachers and social workers to acquire supplies at no cost.

The store was founded by the Elkhart Education Foundation, and it is located on Tipton Street. 

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