Scotty's Brewhouse employees' personal information in scammer's hands

A scammer has obtained the data of thousands of employees at Scotty's Brewhouse, including the ones at the Mishawaka location. Now the company is responding to the breach.

Scotty's is offering free credit monitoring and are in the process of contacting employees affected. 

This breach hit all 4000 people working for the company.

According to restaurant officials, the payroll accounts manager received an email from someone claiming to be Scotty's CEO Scott Wise. In that email, they requested all employees’ W-2 forms in a PDF format. Now this person has their data.

the company is responding. CEO Scott Wise says, "Scotty's employees are of tremendous importance to the company, and Scotty's regrets any inconvenience." 

Wise also says they will continue to work with federal and local law enforcement to get justice. So far, no suspect has been identified. 

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