Search continues for 12-year-old Aleeyah Cockburn

NOW: Search continues for 12-year-old Aleeyah Cockburn

Friday will mark one week since the disappearance of Aleeyah Cockburn. 

The Elkhart Sherriff's Department is not sharing any new information on the case at this time. There have been no sightings reported since Friday night when Aleeyah allegedly left home on foot, alone from her family's property near SR120 & IN13. Her adopted family originally stating they couldn't see her leaving by herself; however it was originally ruled as a runaway.

The 4'11 80-pound female, was believed be wearing a pink multicolored winter coat, black beanie, "muck boots", and her glasses. 

One user posted a picture of a suitcase allegedly found near a dumpster nearby, claiming it could be linked to the case but Aleeyah's adopted mother said Thursday afternoon no suitcases are missing from their house, and many of her belongings are still there, none presumed to be missing. Aleeyah's younger sister attested to this statement. Detectives were seen on the property Thursday afternoon. 

For the past week groups have been hanging up flyers in every town within miles, and gathering to search the area around Middlebury, hoping they will uncover something that will help solve the mystery of what happened to Aleeyah Cockburn, including her biological mother, Patricia Goodison, her boyfriend Gabe Elswick, and cousin Jeremy Grider. 

Patricia Goodison says she was not informed of the disappearance until Sunday morning, and although she does not have custody she has not stopped looking since. 

"Ever since I found out, I've tried to do as much searching as I possibly can, I've reached out to as many people as I possibly can, and I've been out here looking nonstop for her, and I'm not going to stop until she's found and brought home," said Goodison. 

Her boyfriend Gabe has been organizing searches through a new Facebook group that was created, since the one originally created by the adopted family, has been suspended due to rumors and speculation quickly spreading. 

"We just want the community to come together and if anybody knows anything about this or has anything,  theres so many discrepancies, and miscommunication, but thats not what's important right now, this is for everything to be pushed asside and focus on the main point and that is that she is missing, and she needs to be found and have justice, whatever it takes we have to come together, and we have to make this happen as a community," added Elswick. 

We're told there will also be a large search party on Saturday and Sunday meeting at 11am in the Yup's Ice Cream parking lot, near the last known sighting of Aleeyah and anyone who wants to help is encouraged to come out. 

Anyone with information should contact the Elkhart County Sherriff's Department at 574-533-4151. 

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