Security plan in place for Best Week Ever

NOW: Security plan in place for Best Week Ever


After tragedy in Manchester, South Bend is making safety preparations for an event expected to draw thousands.

Best Week Ever begins Monday, and there is detailed security plan for each day.

“Our staff, volunteers and all of our event coordinators are aware of what our emergency plan is, and being trained on what to do in case of an emergency,” Jackie Appleman, experience director of South Bend Venues, Parks and Arts said.

The police and fire departments are also in on this plan for the week-long celebration.

Some events will have more police presence than others, and visitors will be able to tell.

“There are going to be different levels of security at each event and some are going to have check in points and things like that,” Appleman said.

Once you pass those checkpoints, South Bend Police ask visitors to keep their eyes open.

“Be aware of your surroundings. Be self aware. Be vigilant, and more importantly, if you see something, say something,” South Bend Police Spokesman Ken Garcia said.

If anything strange happens, one can call police, or look for Best Week Ever staff in red t-shirts.

“Most likely, nothing will happen, but if something were, you have that plan in mind of knowing what to do,” Garcia said.

Police say knowing where nearby exits are should be a part of that plan, as thousands of people are expected to attend some events

However, they also want people to relax and have a good time.

“People should just focus on having fun, enjoying the best week ever, enjoying their community,” Appleman said.

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