Self-defense class prepares teachers for active shooter situations

NOW: Self-defense class prepares teachers for active shooter situations


As the national debate on gun violence continues, Kodiak Firing Range wants to give local educators the tools they need in an active shooter situation. 

A self-defense class called "Educating Our Educators" will give teachers the tools they need to better prepare, act and stop a potential killer. 

This is the first time Kodiak Firing Range has hosted an event like this. 

"I saw that there was a gap in the education as far as teachers," said Chief Instructor John Pemberton. "I know they're limited on budgets too, so we wanted to do something special for them so that they can get the training that they needed."

Pemberton will teach the eight-hour course on Saturday. The course costs $50 per person. 

The course includes optional gun safety lessons, a lecture on safety and awareness and lessons in self-defense techniques, including how to disarm an attacker. 

The goal of the class is to help educators gain more confidence if an active shooter situation were to occur.

"We're going to work with the run, hide, fight principle," said Pemberton. "You hear that all the time for active shooting situations, but there's not really a huge focus on the fight portion. We just want to give them some more tools that they can use in case that does happen to them."

How to properly use a firearm is the first portion of the course, but Pemberton says that part is optional. 

"We're a big, huge advocate that the gun is not for everybody, but it's another option for us," he said. "I think if someone is willing to go out and do the training, get the gun training and the self-defense training, that it might be a better fit for them. But for some people it's not in their view or they may just not be comfortable with it."

He says he wants to give a variety of tools to fit different lifestyles. 

You can register for the event through the Facebook event page found here.

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