Sen. Donnelly recognized for working across aisle

NOW: Sen. Donnelly recognized for working across aisle

WASHINGTON D.C., In wake of an election upset in Alabama an Indiana Democrat is making a name for himself.

Senator Joe Donnelly has been recognized as the second most bipartisan senator since 1993. He’s the most bipartisan working senator.

Donnelly has made waves by working with republicans on military mental health, the opioid epidemic, among many other topics.

Today President Donald Trump signed Donnelly’s provision into law requiring a comprehensive strategy to confront North Korea.

Senator Donnelly says the law makes sure that, “our men and women in the army and the air force are ready to fight tonight. that we're working with the Chinese on cutting off exports North Korea and that we're clearly sent them a message that we're not in the business or regime change but we will do whatever is necessary to protect our friends and our allies.”

Part of the law will also have an impact on Indiana. It will fund a $24 million military construction project at Crane Army Ammunition Activity. There’s also $8 million for a military construction project at the Terre Haute Regional Airport.

On Wednesday the senator also introduced a bill that would bring Indiana’s student loan laws to the national level.

“What we're trying to do is make sure that all of our students know exactly how much money they have borrowed to be able to get a college degree,” said Donnelly.

Since a similar plan was implemented in Indiana, there’s been a 17% decrease in student lending.

Senator Donnelly say it’s common sense projects like that that are easy to work across the aisle on.

“I come to Washington not as a democrat senator or a republican senator but as a representative for everybody in Indiana.  So anybody who has good ideas I’m more than happy to join them.” Donnelly went on to say, “I've been fortunate that others joined me in a number of other different legislative issues. So together we can move our country forward.”

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