Senate makes a decision regarding the state's Common Construction Wage

After almost two hours of debate Wednesday the Indiana Senate voted in favor of repealing the state's Common Construction Wage.

The Common Construction Wage law allows a five person committee to set the wages of workers on public works construction projects.

Recently, lawmakers set out to repeal the law saying public projects shouldn't cost more than private ones especially at taxpayers' expense.

But unions say getting rid of the layer of protection the law offers them will send laborers across state lines to work elsewhere.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence said "I think we ought to let the marketplace set wages on taxpayer-supported projects rather than some government structure that's been in place now for decades."

The 27-22 Senate vote sends the measure back to the full House for a final vote before the repeal will be back on Gov. Mike Pence's desk where it is expected to be  be signed into law.
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