Senator Mike Braun visits Mishawaka AM General

NOW: Senator Mike Braun visits Mishawaka AM General

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Indiana U.S. Senator Mike Braun making a visit at the Mishawaka AM General Wednesday afternoon to talk about the American Rescue Plan and whether or not former President Donald Trump should be allowed back on Facebook. 

The Senator sharing he’s not in full support of President Biden’s massive spending plans - saying raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy will only pay for a small portion of the proposed 6 trillion dollars. Also adding, the plan doesn’t recognize the trillion dollar deficits the federal government runs every year.

Despite the coronavirus causing so much economic harm to businesses, workers and families - the Indiana Republican says he’s in the minority when it comes to holding the line on spending.

“Sadly it’s not just Democrat’s. Many Republicans have also bought into the fact that we can keep borrowing money and spend more than what we bring in. That may be working in the present - it’s not gonna be working in the long run," said Braun. 

In regards to President Trump's temporary ban from social media platforms the Senator says he believes big tech companies now have too much power.

“When you have that much pull. When you can actually take a President of the United States regardless of what you thought about his use of Twitter out of the game it would make you want to take a little pause and see if that’s too much power to have in one sector of our economy," said Braun. 

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