Senator Warren visits Elkhart during campaign tour

NOW: Senator Warren visits Elkhart during campaign tour


Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren made a pit stop in Elkhart Wednesday to drum up support in the Hoosier state.

The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts says she chose Elkhart because she wanted to talk about creating more manufacturing and union jobs.

“And so I thought what better place to come and talk about that then right here,” she said shortly after taking the stage at the Northern Indiana Event Center.

With around 600 people in attendance, Warren hit on three points that she wants to change if elected as president. Those include attacking corruption, making structural changes and protecting democracy.

“When you’ve got a government that works great for those who’ve got money and not so much for anyone else, that is corruption pure and simple and we need to call it out,” she said.

Warren also discussed her plan to make the government go green, and adding a wealth tax to those who’s assets rise above the $50 million line.

“I am tired of free loader billionaires,” said Warren.

She wants to tax two cents for every dollar past $50 million. That money is how she plans to fund universal childcare, free college and pay off 95% of student loan debt.

“This is a choice for us to make. Do you think it’s more important that the billionaires hold onto their two cents? Or do you think it’s more important that we invest in our kids and invest in our future?” said Warren to the crowd.

The senator also took questions from the crowd. The first question centered on abortion, citing lack of clinics in the area.

 “I want to go straight to the legislature straight to congress and say lets pass a strong robust Roe vs. Wade and enforce it all across this country,” she said in response.

Another attendee questioned Warren on her priorities in choosing someone for the Supreme Court, to which she replied she would prioritize someone who works for the individual instead of corporations.

Before closing, Warren mentioned a group from Moms Demand Action in the crowd, calling for stricter background checks and taking dangerous weapons off the streets.

“We need to treat this gun crisis like the public health crisis that it is,” she said.

One of those moms said they were happy to hear her address the issue of gun safety.

“She’s got a plan and we are really pleased that she saw us and said yes this is absolutely something I care about and want to lead on,” said Liz Digitale Anderson with Moms Demand Action.

But some in the room still felt their biggest issues were going unaddressed.

 “My main focus is to see that our veterans are taken care of and our disabled and our homeless living under the bridge in South Bend are taken care of,” said James Yakym, a veteran from Mishawaka. “I’m hoping that she will address my issues.”

She did make sure anyone wanting to take a picture or chat with her got the chance before leaving the event.

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