Seniors worried they won't get Social Security checks

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- People across the country are waiting for answers from the government on what will happen with Social Security checks if we hit the debt ceiling.

Many at the Buchanan Senior Center said their Social Security check is their only source of income. Without it, they have nothing to live on.

"I know I rely on it, mine came in today, I hope," said Buchanan resident Judith Wolfe.

Wolfe says that that monthly Social Security check is what keeps her and her husband going.

"I use Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security, my husband and I both live on it. I mean we pay our bills and our food and what have you, just like a paycheck," said Wolfe.

Michael Mestach says he worries about his friends who rely on the government to survive.

"There are a lot of people out there that require it, and hopefully they get it," said Mestach.

Alice Hopkins works with many of these seniors on Medicare every day.

She says losing that program would be a problem.

"Without Medicare, most seniors will be in trouble, they get supplements for Medicare, Medicare covers generally eighty percent," said Hopkins, the Executive Director of the Buchanan Senior Center.

Even with savings, many seniors say that it's just not enough.

"You save a little, but you don't save that much," said Wolfe.

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