Serious littering problem in LaPorte

 On Fail Road, in LaPorte, there's been a serious littering problem.  Fortunately, Sheriffs Deputies stepped in and took care of the situation but the bags, which were described as typical grocery store style bags, were found to contain soiled diapers. They have been found along CR 125 E, CR 800 N, CR 900 N, Fail Road and CR 1000 N.

As you can see from pictures shot on Wednesday morning, the Community Work Program Crew truck is nearly full of trash bags from the litter clean up where members of the sheriff's CWP Crew collect trash and litter along County Road 125 East near Fail Road.

ABC 57 News was out on these roads early Friday morning and only found one bag. And an officer from the Sheriff's Department was able to confirm that all of the trash should be gone at this time.

Sheriff Boyd discussed the cleanup project, saying in a statement:

"It's sad that in the short time they've been working, the truck is already full of extra large bags holding all of this trash. We have such a beautiful county and it's absolutely criminal that someone would continue to dump their trash along our roads."

If you have any knowledge of who may be contributing to this littering problem or if you witness trash being dumped, calling 911 would be appropriate.

But it's also important to remember that this isn't just a littering problem. These diapers also pose a serious health problem for this community.
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