Several cities want customers to leave water running

Residents in Rochester, Walkerton, Goshen, North Liberty, Nappanee, New Carlisle and Milford in Indiana and Benton Harbor in Michigan are all being asked to keep their water running to prevent pipes from freezing.

They are asking all commercial and residential customers to leave one faucet running with a steady stream of water about the diameter of a toothpick.

"What we've had happen this year is the frost level in the ground is between four and five feet and typically your water service lines are at five feet, so we're having freeze up problems all over town," said New Carlisle Public Works Director Patrick Cummings.

If the temperatures rise to above freezing, do not automatically turn the water off.

Cummings says it's cheaper to run the water than to fix broken water lines.

"It was cheaper and a lot less headaches to run the water and the other problem you have is if we can't unthaw the line, you might be without water for up to a month," said Cummings.

In Rochester, customers will receive an adjustment on their utility bill from Wednesday, February 12 until the freeze warning is lifted. If you have any questions, contact the Utility Office at 574-223-3412.

In Walkerton, the city says residents and business owners who run their water should contact the clerk treasurer's office with your name and address and you won't be billed for the additional water usage. The number to contact them is 574-586-3711.

In Milford, the town clerk says residents who call and let the city know they are running the water will receive a credit on next month's bill.

In Benton Harbor, Michigan, customers can contact city hall or the utility services department at 269-927-8471 if they have any questions.

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