Several roads and parks in Goshen closed because of flooding

Several roads and parks in Goshen are shut down because of flooding. In addition to the closures, there are areas being watched that could be closed at a later date.

The following roads and parks have been affected as of 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 1:

  • Chicago Avenue – Closed
  • Denver Street – Closed
  • Plymouth Avenue Trail – Flooded across near the former park office
  • Oakridge Park – flooded
  • Roger’s Park – flooded
  • Shanklin Park – flooded
  • Mullet Park – flooded
  • Fidler Pond Park path- closed
  • Pedestrian Path over Rock Run Creek at Oakridge Park – flooded and unpassable

The areas being monitored include Indiana Avenue, Kroger and the neighboring businesses.

Faith Mission, at 801 Benham Avenue, is open as an emergency shelter for those experiencing flooding. A warrant check is not required.

If you need sandbags, sand and bags have been placed outside the street department's gates at 475 Steury Avenue. You will need to bring a shovel to assemble the bags yourself.

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