Severe weather in the southeastern US today

NOW: Severe weather in the southeastern US today

Portions of the southeastern US, especially in the Mississippi Valley, are under a 4/5 risk for severe weather today with the main impacts from this storm system happening this afternoon into tonight. There is a high risk for strong thunderstorms, damaging winds, and large hail. Long-track and significant tornadoes (EF2+) are also possible.

Winds moving onshore from the Gulf of Mexico will bring warm, moist air to the southeastern US. Temperatures will be warm in the mid 60’s and nearing 70 with dewpoints not far behind which will provide plenty of moisture to fuel storm development. Instability in the atmosphere will make severe weather more favorable and could create dangerous situations for many in the southeast.

Anyone with friends or family in this region should reach out to their loved ones to ensure that they are staying weather aware today, have multiple ways to receive weather information, and have a shelter plan in place.

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