Shooting sports sees an uptick amid pandemic

NOW: Shooting sports sees an uptick amid pandemic

LAPORTE, Ind. -- They call it the great ammo shortage of 2020, and it is an issue that currently has no end in sight. According to the National Rifle Association, ammunition has had a heavy demand since the start of the pandemic. After a year of the COVID-19 crisis and civil unrest, people have flocked to ammo.   

But the rise is not all regarding self-defense, hunting license and shooting sports are also up this year.

This is something happening even here, locally, as many are seeking things to do. The Michigan City Rifle Club has been established for 85 years and is now experiencing a year unlike any other.  The club says memberships are up.  They provide members with both organized and self-shooting experiences.  With an indoor range and outdoor range available, the club sees ages from 19 years old up to 90 years old.

Of course, with shooting sports, comes gun safety. ABC57 spoke with Michigan City Rifle Club about gun safety and education. For interest in the club, visit here.

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