Shots fired in South Bend, young man hit with ricochet

SOUTH BEND, In. – A drive-by on South Bend’s west side sent several police cars racing to catch the shooters, but they arrived too late. They found an injured young man instead.

The young man had a small mark on his chest. Police believe one of the bullets ricocheted off the ground and hit him in the chest.

The young man refused medical treatment and stayed at the scene.

That young man and other witnesses were uncooperative when questioned by police.

Neighbors living on the street say they have been a source of trouble in the area for some time now.

“At least once a month, something going on; the police always flying through here pertaining to that house,” said a man who asked not to be identified. He lives down the street from the victim.

The man says he is not scared by what happened, but is worried about other kids that frequently walk through the neighborhood.

Recently, the South Bend Police Department increased their presence in the area but was unable to catch the shooters.

“We’ve stepped up enforcement out here, unfortunately this time we weren’t soon enough,” said Cpt. Scott Ruszkowski of the South Bend Police Department.

Ruszkowski admitted it is frustrating trying to solve cases like this when the police get little help from the people involved.

He also says they know this is a problem area, and if they have to enforce the new chronic nuisance ordinance they will.

“It is in effect and we will be using every resource we can to deal with that situation, if that’s what it calls for,” said Ruszkowski.

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