Siblings hold Thanksgiving dinner for community, honor their late father

Families everywhere are coming together this thanksgiving to spend time with one another, but one family has a different approach and it involves an entire community.

“You know, you just never know what life events change and it’s nice that everybody participates,” said Bill Sales, son of William Sales and an organizer of the  Sales Family Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

It’s Thanksgiving Day so the sales family is cooking. The sales siblings hold an annual thanksgiving dinner in La Porte in honor of their late father, William Sales, and for the last 13 years, they’ve opened it up to the community.

“You know we used to always have the big family get-together and after we started doing this, this is our enjoyment of thanksgiving you know,” said Sales.

Bill tells me they still live by their dads morals.

“I mean never really had any money but he was one of those guys in the community that would give you the shirt off his back and to this day we drive a pickup truck and carry a can of gas in the back so if anybody runs out you’re always supposed to help somebody.. the way we’ve always been raised,” said Sales.

All six siblings play a major role in the yearly dinner.

“One of my sisters specializes, Mary, in sweet potato yams, my older brother, Leonard, is kinda the turkey guy, Dan my brother is kinda the set up guy,” said Sales.

Their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

“The Sales family has always given back to the community. To them its bigger than just family,” said Brandon Jones, Owner of Buffalo Wild Wings in LaPorte.

“It’s kinda become a community event. Everybody participates,” said Sales.

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