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Signs are down, boards are up at Mishawaka Rally’s

The former Rally\'s in Mishawaka was located at 410 West McKinley Ave.

MISHAWAKA, Ind.—The Rally’s restaurant location on West McKinley Avenue is all boarded up.

Wooden panels were seen on Monday on the fast food restaurant’s windows. All former Rally's signs were no where to be seen.

The Rally’s location’s Facebook page now lists the words “permanently closed" and the restaurant's phone line appears to be disconnected.

Now, the nearest Rally’s location is on the south side of South Bend on Michigan Street.

A Kim Francis, a spokesperson for Rally's issued the following statement regarding the closure:

The franchisee of the Rally's at 410 W. McKinley Avenue in Mishawaka chose not to renew his lease with the landlord because the terms of the lease had changed. We hope to open a new Rally's in the Mishawaka area soon.

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Cappy12 130 days ago
Nasty place an everybody who worked there was nasty to i went there one day there was nothing to drink the lady said i made some fruity punch food always cold glad there closed best thing could ever happen
KatrinaEvans 132 days ago
It was a crappy place anyways they put tables in their handicap parking spaces and the employees were very rude.
BrookeHarkins 132 days ago
Can we please get a Starbucks right here?!
JimBella 132 days ago
Don't be shocked if this location emerges as a CHECKERS ...the parent company's other brand. Also the menu will likely change to that of CHECKERS locations in Southeastern US.

CorrynStiles 132 days ago
They werent open half the time, and when they were the workers did NOT wear gloves to make and serve food and it was NASTY!!! They would come to the window with grease dripping off their hands to take your money or card, leaving grease all over everything and you could physically see people cooking without gloves from the window. No wonder they closed!
K CorrynStiles 132 days ago
from your comment you were a frequent flier so apparently there grease dripping hands didn't offend you too much
Rocco K 131 days ago
That comment can literally be summed up in ONE visit, no need for the asinine response over something stupid.

The place was a dump, has been for years, it should have been closed down by the health department a long time ago and it will not be missed.
K Rocco 131 days ago
If so stupid than why did you feel the need to share "your" thoughts?
Aparent CorrynStiles 131 days ago
I can second this. I made the mistake of going there once and received more hair than toppings on a burger. To this day makes me feel physically ill 🤢 thinking about it, happy to see it go.
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