Simonton Lake neighborhood faces flooding and storm damage

NOW: Simonton Lake neighborhood faces flooding and storm damage


ELKHART, Ind. -- When it rains, it pours. Just three months after the historic flood plagued Michiana, Wednesday night's storm is leaving neighbors picking up the pieces once again. 

"It's the deepest in front of my house. It's probably approaching 18 inches really." says Scott Kalil.

He was not happy when he woke up Thursday morning to find his street flooded through, again.

"Who would have thought [the storm] would bring this, in such a short amount of time," Kalil says, looking at the water. 

The Simonton Lake neighborhood is once again dealing with flooded roadways and downed trees, blocking their ways out. 

"It can't keep going on this level. This is almost as bad as it was back in February," he says simply. 

"I wouldn't want to have to drive through it. I'm glad we can get out where it doesn't have to be us driving through the water. Like this car," says Michelle Haggart, another neighbor. "It's just not safe."

Splashing through their streets is a becoming a reality Haggart and others are all too used to when it rains. 

Neighbors believe there's something wrong with the way the neighborhood is built. 

They say it's becoming a safety and health hazard.

"I'm thinking the drainage system isn't probably very good," says Haggart.

"[February's flood] flooded out the retention pond. And ever since then it's been a battle to keep it off the street," says Kalil. 

Standing in the middle of the floodwaters, Kalil says they're all stuck in so many different ways.

"My wife can't get out unless we park at a neighbor's house," he says. "And we're stuck as well, because who's going to buy property here? It's sad."

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