Single game tickets on sale for Notre Dame football

NOW: Single game tickets on sale for Notre Dame football

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Notre Dame football is just about a week away from heading to Culver for the beginning of fall camp.

That means football season is drawing closer, and now fans can start planning their trips to Notre Dame Stadium.

At 6 p.m. on Thursday night, single-game tickets went on sale.

“It’s exciting,” said director of ticket operations Lee Biglin. “Obviously we’re close to the season starting so this is always a big day for us to get the public involved and try to get as many people to fill Notre Dame Stadium and get to football season.”

Initially, sales are only available online. However, fans can pick up tickets in person on Friday.

Even though the “on-sale” dates are what the public sees, the staff in the ticket office is hard at work

“Our on-sale dates, no matter the sport, all hands on deck,” said Biglin. “We’ll have plenty of staff in here taking a bunch of phone calls all day long. The website will be ready to go, but it’s just long hours and nights before getting ready to go.”

This marks the beginning of single-game ticket sales, but season and student tickets also account for a large portion of the seating at Notre Dame Stadium.

But due to the destination-like nature of a football game in South Bend, single-game sales are still of high importance.

“It’s still really big for us,” said Biglin. “Obviously Notre Dame is a national brand so we get a lot of people from out of town. Public and single game sale is huge for us so we hope to get everybody excited. We have tickets available for most of the football games so we’ll try to get those sold as quick as possible.”

While Notre Dame is coming off a bounce-back year, Biglin said they rarely have to sell based on past success.

“Every year is exciting,” he said. “Doesn’t matter what kind of year we’re coming off of. Notre Dame football has a lot of fans that stick with us good year or bad, so it’s still exciting.”

To order single-game tickets, visit this page on Notre Dame’s website.

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