Sinkhole victim returns home

ROCK FALLS, Ill. -- The six-year-old boy who was buried alive in a sand dune two weeks ago is back to the life of a normal kid.

His parents spoke out for the first time about the four-hour rescue effort on the Mount Baldy Dune.

They also talked about his recovery in a Chicago Hospital.

His parents say his full recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

"The paramedic came in and we really did think he was gone and we were bracing ourselves for that," said Nathan's mother Faith Woessner. "You don't even realize how precious those little things are until you almost lose them."

Nathan's parents say they cannot thank his rescuers and doctors enough.

They say he remembers very little from the day on the beach. They are telling him a few details at a time so they do not frighten him.

In the meantime, Mount Baldy remains closed.

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