Sister Maura Brannick Health Center still accepting donations for Christmas baskets

The Sister Maura Brannick Health Center is assembling baskets for families in need and will be accepting donations through the end of the week.

The baskets will spread Christmas cheer to families in need this year, the center says.

"We are preparing to send out 60 bags of donations of our holiday food baskets so we'll have baskets and blankets to give some of our patients that have signed up for the Christmas baskets," said Kim Riggs, Manager of Health Centers. "They receive 2 bags because everything can't fit into one. It's split up between canned goods and tortilla shells and rice and pasta and cereals, potatoes, canned goods. Anything to make the holiday good."

The center focuses on providing healthcare for the unemployed, working poor and those who fall below the 150-percent federally designated poverty level.

Donations can be taken to the health center at 326 Chapin Street in South Bend this week.

Items being collected include non-perishable food items such as canned vegetables, beans and soups, and boxed foods such as stuffing, pastas or potatoes.

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