Six hopefuls competing to be the next Notre Dame leprechaun

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Each year only 3 men are lucky enough to represent the University of Notre Dame as its official mascot. Friday night at least one new leprechaun will be picked.

The final tryouts were held Friday at the Joyce Center.

After several weeks of mental and physical challenges, the six hopefuls have to pass one more series of tests before the final decision is made.

The candidates will have to dance a jig, lead the pep rally and do some mock TV interviews.

"To start, you get to go to all the games. You get great sideline seats right next to the basketball court. You get to travel all across the country,” said graduating leprechaun Bryce Burton. “You get to meet fans all across the country you get to go to schools across the country the perks are kind of unlimited."

There are no height or facial hair requirements for the leprechaun. The person just needs a lot of pride and Fighting Irish spirit.


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