SJCPL uses digital archives to showcase Michiana LGBTQ history

151 years of history and culture. The Saint Joseph County Public Library is digging up some of South Bend's past on the LGBTQ community, and they're using their “Michiana Memory” to bring that history to wherever you are.

“Basically we’ve been digitizing our archives,” said Joseph Sipocz, Manager of local and family history at the Saint Joseph County Public Library in South Bend.

Joe Sipocz likes to keep it simple. He studies Michiana’s history, then finds a way to break it down for us… digitally.

“Archives are in boxes. A lot of people like to receive their information digitally. And that’s been a priority for st. Joseph County public library,” said Sipocz.

So his team partnered up with Indiana University South Bend to gather nearly 100 different LGBTQ historical entries.

“Together we can tell a complete story,” said Sipocz.

You just click on the library's site under Michiana Memory and you’ll find LGBTQ history dating back at least 50 years!

“We want to make sure that we serve all the people of St. Joseph County and having a database that includes this history we feel is very important,” said Sipocz.

The goal is to make it easy…

Sipocz “It’s free and available already”

And to keep you informed.

“As history continues to happen we’ll continue to add to it,” said Sipocz.

Sipocz says you can become involved by sending the team material and information like you see in the story here. Just contact the library for the Local History Department at 584-282-4646.

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