Skin irritation a possible new symptom of COVID-19

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – The American Academy of Dermatology is doing research into a possible new symptom of the coronavirus. One of their patients developed not only a cough and fever but also skin irritation, prompting her dermatologist to start examining overseas data.

“In northern Italy there was a study that showed that out of 148 patients at this hospital -- none of which had gotten prior medication -- one in five had a rash associated with their condition, COVID-19,” said dermatologist Dr. Shirley Chi.

With 20% of patients having a skin irritation, the American Academy of Dermatology has issued guidance regarding several types of rashes that have been connected to COVID-19.

The irritations can range from hives, to a measles-like rash, to even a condition that resembles frostbite.

The Academy is encouraging anyone with symptoms like these to contact their doctor and to agree to participate in their dermatology registry.

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