Smoke detector program helping Benton Harbor

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. - A smoke detector giveaway is making some huge strides in Benton Harbor.

Wednesday, Serv-pro of Berrien County delivered 100 free smoke detectors to the Benton Harbor Fire Department. The fire restoration company gives away 1000 smoke detectors each year to the county’s fire departments

The program is starting to pay off in Benton Harbor. The fire department tracks the numbers and in the five years Serv-pro has given away detectors, the percentage of homes without detectors has gone from 50% down to 20%.

“The program is huge for us it cuts down on fires and cuts down on the amount of injuries we have from fires,” said Jeremy Connell with the Benton Harbor Fire Department.

If you live in Berrien County if you need a smoke detector it’s easy, just call your local fire department.

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