Smoky sunsets possible this weekend

The heat is just now starting to back down for California and other states in the West, but the wildfires still rage on. Many blazes continue in California, mainly in the Sierra Nevada mountains and in northern portions of the state. But, the effects of these wildfires will continue to be felt across the country.

Once the rain showers and clouds move out of Michiana, skies will clear in time for the weekend! However, don't be surprised if you notice some more hazy or smoky skies by Saturday and Sunday afternoon. That's all due to the fires out west. Shifts in the jet stream could carry smoke from the flames over the Great Plains and potentially into Michiana for the weekend. 

The changing jet stream may bring some smoke and haze to Michiana skies this weekend.

These hazy skies can make for pretty awesome sunsets! If you happen to snap a photo of it, feel free to post it on our ABC 57 or ABC 57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather Facebook pages!

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