Sneak peek inside new Robert L. Miller Veterans Center for homeless

SOUTH BEND, Ind - After three years of planning, the Robert L. Miller Veteran’s Center opened its doors for a dedication ceremony, on a memorable date of 11/11/11.

The Director of Center Initiatives, Angela Willson, said South Bend’s Center for the Homeless saw a service gap, so the next natural step was to create a residential facility for Michiana’s homeless veterans.

“It’s been so exciting for me to be able to see it come to life, from the framing to the drywall to the painting, really it’s taken on a life of its own and it’s going to be a wonderful home for 25 of our homeless vets,” said Willson.

The 6,200-square-foot center boasts stainless concrete floors, special mattresses to ward off bed bugs, a common room with entry to the courtyard, minimalist furniture, and original designs.

The entry room is convertible, with a pool table that can become a ping pong table and conference table.

The Executive Director, Steve Camilleri, said the plan was to create a top shelf facility with a long shelf life.

“Really what we’re trying to do is help our veterans transform their lives, so just to see all these changes happening,  it’s really special and we have the community to thank for that,” said Camilleri.

The dedication open house started at 8:30 Friday morning. At 10:30, a ceremony will begin, featuring honorary guests like Hon. Robert L. Miller,  Joe Kernan, a former Indiana Governor, and Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, a former President of The University of Notre Dame.

At 11:11, there will be a flag raising ceremony, 21 gun salute, and TAPS.

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