Snow covered sidewalks causing dangerous walking conditions in Roseland

NOW: Snow covered sidewalks causing dangerous walking conditions in Roseland

ROSELAND, Ind.--- People living in Roseland are wanting answers after snow continues to go uncleared on sidewalks along SR 933. A town ordinance requires businesses to remove snow from sidewalks 24 hours after snow has stopped.

"Anybody that goes to any of the bus stops or wants to walk the sidewalks is walking 933 during the night, during the day, it doesn’t matter, but I’ve seen at least 5 people almost get hit," said Mike Schalk, who lives in Roseland. "And that’s never been put through or the businesses made to follow the ordinance even though they hire contractors to clear their parking lot."

ABC57 reached out to town officials who say the issue is over their heads but they are still just as frustrated.

"That entire highway, the entire sidewalks are owned by the state of Indiana, so technically the state of Indiana are supposed to do it," said Elizabeth McCombs, President of the town council. 

INDOT officials say the responsibility ultimately lies with the individual business owners, but people living in Roseland are hoping something gets done quickly to lower the hazards.

"I know that there’s over 40 thousand cars that go through this town daily," said Shcalk. "It’s just a matter of time because I’ve seen six cars almost have a pile up trying to miss a person trying to walk along 933."

McCombs says the specific ordinance will be reviewed and possibly strengthened at the next town council meeting on March 11th. 

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