Solution may be on the way for Cedar Glen tenants still without hot water

NOW: Solution may be on the way for Cedar Glen tenants still without hot water

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It’s a new year with the same old problems for people living in Cedar Glen Apartments.

ABC57 first brought you the story the day after Christmas, when many residents had spent a second Christmas in a row without hot water.

It’s been a regular issue, and the latest round has been going on for more than two weeks now.

However, on Tuesday ABC57 learned there could be an end in sight.

“It’s been two weeks and a day without hot water,” says one Cedar Glen tenant.

“We’re stuck here waiting for a miracle to happen,” Todd Bogunia says, an outspoken resident of the complex.

It’s not how these tenants thought they’d be ringing in the new year, still waiting for hot water to come from their faucets. 

“None of us have hot water,” Bogunia says as he points to the building his unit is in, Building Four.

On Tuesday, Building Four tenants received a letter from management claiming on January 3, tankless water heaters will be installed in the boiler room, providing hot water once again.  

But it could take until January 12 for the job to be complete. 

“Even if we’re going to be without hot water while you all repair, why not put us up in a hotel for a couple days where we could at least be able to take hot showers, bathe our bodies at least?” a tenant asks.

Even with a solution in sight, these tenants feel they’re owed at least some of their rent money back after weeks of having to boil water for cleaning and cooking or finding another shower to use. 

“Notes on doors aren’t doing nothing for me,” says Bogunia. “When I can take a shower and put that money in my pocket.” 

They say they’ll believe it when they see it. 

“It’s been devastating, it’s been a little depressing, it’s been troubling, and oh my goodness it’s just inhumane,” a resident explains.

That note tenants received Tuesday also goes on to say that the apartment’s parent company, Barrett and Stokely, will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

It’s unclear what that exactly means. 

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