South Bend artist wins international John Lennon song writing award

Music icon John Lennon's legacy lives on through the John Lennon songwriting award, an international competition of the worlds best musicians. Now a south bend musician joins that elite fraternity.

Brian Frazier has won the award with a song he wrote in his basement. 

The track is called "Believe,"a song he actually made years ago. But he decided to submit it to the contest and see what would happen. 

It turns out celebrity judges loved it, leading him to win the Lennon award for Hip-Hop. 

Now, Frazier is in contention for song of the year. And he's proud to represent South Bend on this international stage.

"It's something that most people dream about but when you come from a small town you don't ever imagine that people like John Legend or Fergie or George Clinton," said Frazier. "These people actually listen to your music and like it. And this is an international competition so for these people to actually like what I did is an amazing feeling."

Take a look inside 'B-Phraze's" process in the video above. 

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