South Bend barbershop’s month-long pay it forward evolves

NOW: South Bend barbershop’s month-long pay it forward evolves

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—For over a month, customers of Boulanger’s Barberie have been paying it forward by purchasing the next customers’ haircut.

It all started on May 8 when a 92-year-old new client and his daughter came in to the shop.

“His daughter brought him in for the haircut and they offered to pay for the next client and I was truly shocked and amazed because they didn’t’ know us and to do that it was great so it really touched me and it’s still going on a month later,” said Boulanger’s Barberie owner Michelle Schmidt.

Schmidt says now, not only are customers paying it forward, they’re paying for extra.

“We have actually given out two [free] haircuts and we have extras still paying forward, it’s great,” Schmidt said.

Boulanger’s customers have been purchasing extra haircuts, creating a free reservoir of the service.

“I hope it’s someone who is actually in need of a haircut or service because it’s so personal that someone took care of it,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt hopes the Michiana community will keep it going for a second month and even longer.

“Thank you for all of the generosity. We have been a longstanding barbershop for 59 years so I’m proud of that,” Schmidt said. “Keep it rolling.”

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