South Bend cab driver on a mission to stop drunk driving

For St. Patrick's Day, police are urging people who are celebrating with alcohol to designate a driver or call a cab.

Rebecca Godley, a South Bend cab driver, says this is her 17th St. Patrick's Day in South Bend.

She says she loves her job because she feels as though she's helping people by preventing them from drinking and driving.

“Everyone that I get home is someone that will not hit another person drunk,” says Godley.

It hasn't always been shamrocks and pots of gold for Godley.

“I got jumped by a man that I picked up at Village Green,” says Godley.

She recalls a scary experience that happened almost 14 years ago.

“I got back on the horse and headed out,” says Godley.

That's because Godley is on a mission to prevent drunk driving.

South Bend and Mishawaka Police say they'll have officers out in heavy force from St. Patty's Day weekend through the March Madness tournament.
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