South Bend celebrates St. Patrick's Day

NOW: South Bend celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

South Bend, Ind -- The 20th annual St. Patrick's Day parade cruised down Jefferson boulevard in south bend.

There were floats, llamas, and music

Parade goer john comer says he always has a great time and couldn't ask for anything more

I'm happy and we will probably see the Notre Dame basketball game later says parade goer john comer

Children joined the adults in the celebration and even took part in the parade.

There was also the annual tradition of turning the east race waterway green.

Parade goer Tom Conroy says this year’s parade feels bigger than last year's

Well its always been growing, every year there's something new. More people, more floats says parade goer Tom Conroy

There were 50 floats registered for the parade this year, the most in the 20 year history of it.

When I asked Conroy if he will go to next year's parade he said

Oh yeah weather permitting

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