South Bend Common Council encourages cleaner energy alternatives

South Bend’s clean energy efforts are leading the charge to make the Hoosier state more sustainable.

The city’s common council is finalizing a resolution calling for alternative energy options to become the norm.

This city has explored greener alternatives for years like utilizing the St. Joseph River and solar energy.

This resolution by the council is now looking to pass, is a call to action for power companies make a transition to alternatives as well.

“I believe we are on the cutting edge of a lot of new changes when we look at energy and as we look at cutting costs, we have to see if this is a possibility moving forward,” said Oliver Davis, South Bend common councilman.

The council is continuing its push for a cleaner south bend.

“We can look together to say, where can we go now in the 21st century, what kind of items do we need to look at to help us have cleaner energy,” said Davis.

The city could look within at one business leading the charge on this clean energy transition.

“We weren’t just talking about solar energy but we had to make things happen so the last nine years we’ve been hard at work building up our portfolio and trying to prove to people that solar energy does work,” said T.J. Kanczuzewski, president of Inovateus Solar.

Inovateus Solar works with more than 40 companies pushing solar projects.

It’s starting to become a growing trend in our area.

“Within the South Bend community there are a number of companies that provide services to the U.S. solar energy sector,” said Kanczuzewski.

Companies and groups like the six faith-based organizations in our area, all outfitted with solar panels.

Even if you can’t see it, the city is moving in a greener direction.

A direction that’s ahead of the state.

“We have not had a city in the state of Indiana to propose a resolution like we have done,” said Davis.

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