South Bend Common Council launches new logo

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – For the first time since 1865, the South Bend Common Council will use a logo they have created instead of the city’s seal, according to the SBCC.

While the SBCC votes on community-wide items, the organization decided to create a symbol of what they stand for.

Casey Colvin, Council intern, developed a logo that included South Bend’s flag, SB for the city’s name, and CC to show the logo is for the Common Council.

The logo entails several other symbols, like the following:

  • South Bend flag’s colors
  • Six-pointed star to represent the various points of each district
  • Wave-like band to represent the river
  • Circular shape to express unity

“Many people are not sure who we are and how we differ from other departments within the city. The City Council, as the legislative branch of the city, operates separately from the other departments and focuses on its own agenda. We feel this symbol not only identifies us as an elected entity it also shows our relationship and commitment to the city with a logo having similar features.” stated Tim Scott, South Bend Common Council President.

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