South Bend Community Schools may use advertising to increase revenue

At Monday night’s South Bend Community Schools board meeting the board presented a solution to their decrease in funding.

The board is hoping advertisements could be the answer to their funding issues caused by a drop in enrollment.

“This policy gives us an opportunity to work with businesses to actually sell some advertising or have some kind of a collaborative relationship where we might provide a service to a company and then they would provide a service back to us,” said Superintendent Carole Schmidt.

The school would earn money for advertisements which could appear in hallways, on textbooks and score boards.

“It’s an option now, it’s revenue generating that we don’t often get,” said Schmidt.

Superintendent Schmidt says that if the new policy is approved, they hope to begin using it immediately. 

“Knowing that our revenue is dropping, we’ve got to find other ways in this competitive environment to increase revenue,” said Schmidt.

The board will vote on approval of this policy at their next meeting on November 17th.

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