South Bend Cubs Manager Buddy Bailey

NOW: South Bend Cubs Manager Buddy Bailey

South Bend, IN -- While Cubs new Manager Buddy Bailey is a fresh face to South Bend, he sets the gold standard in minor league Baseball.

Even though he's been around the game for nearly 40 years, 2019 will present a new challenge for the skipper.

"I’m really excited. It’s been a while since I’ve had players in their full first year.  Remember the last time I had a league like this was in back in the mid 80’s actually," said Bailey.

1983 to be exact. 

That was the first year Bailey led a minor league team.

“Bobby Cox told me a long time ago that the key to being a good manager is when you have good players don’t mess them up and when you have good teams don’t get in the way. So a lot of that holds true and I’ve gotten out of the way a lot,” said Bailey.

Bailey has been with the Cubs organization since 2006 and is just one of 11 minor league manager to earn 2,000 career wins.

South Bend Cubs President Joe Hart introduced Bailey back in January.

“Buddy is the winningest active manager in minor league baseball and there’s a reason for that because he’s really good at what he does. He teaches the players and we’re gonna see a lot of results and they translate on the field,” said Hart.

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