South Bend Cubs team store full of new merchandise


The South Bend Cubs team store is full of new merchandise for the new season. Almost everything is new and the choices may be a little overwhelming.

When you walk into the team store this year, hardly anything will look familiar.

"Last year at one point our sales were over 850-percent so we're looking forward to introducing the new items to see what we can do this year to outdo ourselves from last year,' said Brandy Beehler, the Director of Merchandise and Licensing.

Beehler pretty much designed everything in the store.

"I usually start planning in July of the previous season," said Beehler.

With a home run of a freshman season for the Cubs, sophomore year's bases were left wide open for Beehler.

"That allows us to keep bringing in new items week after week," said Beehler.

From sassy t-shirts to branded baby gear.

"We've got five 7-foot Stu dolls that we're bringing in," said Beehler.

The store is packed with never before seen goodies.

"It's really fun to pick out new items and to hear everyone's reaction," said Beehler.

If your reaction is "love it" you have to act fast. When an item runs out it's usually gone for good,

A brand new product will replace it.

"If you see something that you like, buy it," said Beehler.

Click here to visit the team store website.

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