South Bend day care burglarized, owner asks for info

NOW: South Bend day care burglarized, owner asks for info


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend woman is asking for the public’s help after her daycare was burgled for the third time this year last Friday.

Bobbie Lynn Cox runs a small child care center out of here home in South Bend.

Friday morning Cox’s grand daughter told her that their new trampoline was gone.

“She’s like, ‘Grandma, somebody stole the trampoline.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ ‘Again,’” said Cox.

This is the third time the day care owner has had items from her playground stolen. The first time they took a playhouse. The second time they took another playhouse and small jungle gym. The trampoline was the latest item stolen.

“I’m disappointed for my kids,” said Cox. “I remember them jumping on it having fun and playing games and doing all that and to tell them, ‘No, you can’t do that anymore because someone you stuff.’”

Cox took every precaution after the first burglary to protect her belongings. She put a lock and chain on the items to keep them together. She even put wind chimes next to the items, so if someone grabbed anything, she would know.

Cox immediately called South Bend Police and filed a report.

“When my children come here, I love each one of my children,” said Cox. “They each touch a special place in my heart.”

Her customers coming all over the neighborhood, because her prices are reasonable, $25 a day. She started the center back 2012, and said it’s a small business and whatever she makes goes to her students.

“I buy for them first, then I pay my bills and anything extra I try to put into my center,” said Cox. I think of my children and you know I try to make it a great place for them to be here.”

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